Lessons Learned from my U.S. Federal Employer


Chapter 1 - Filing a Grievance within the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

[Filing an administrative grievance is the first step in registering a complaint, although it probably won’t stop the Agency’s unlawful activities. The Final Agency Decision (FAD) on one woman’s grievance stated that a “hostile environment for women” and “discriminatory treatment” by an ARS supervisor were “nongrievable matters” (even though both actions are in violation of U.S. laws). Another woman’s grievance was simply ignored until the FAD was issued (four years later) dismissing her complaint without investigation solely because the Agency had failed to meet the established deadline for a timely response.]

        Final Agency Decision

                Edward Knipling, Administrator of ARS rules that discriminatory treatment of women scientists is “nongrievable”.

        Final Agency Decision

                Edward Knipling, Administrator of ARS, “forgets” to address the issue of unlawful supervisory misconduct.