You Decide


Would USDA’s “Cease and Desist” have failed if these documents weren’t true ?

The USA’s Civil Rights laws may be enforced poorly (if at all), but the country’s Constitutional Laws (e.g. First Amendment “Freedom of Speech”) are still valued.

The Agency “solved” the problem of a male supervisor ‘s unlawful activities against women by removing all the women who complained (rather than curtailing the power of the law-breaking supervisor).

The USDA Agricultural Research Service’s goal is to deny the truth about what happened to ARS’s women research scientists in Alaska (2003 - 2010).

My goal is to preserve these documents

(and let history be the judge)

  1. Cease and Desist Letter from USDA   (with accompanying Exhibits)

  2. -   My rebuttal letter (demonstrating that their allegations were incorrect)

  3. -   My email to my EEOC lawyer (with instructions to disregard USDA’s letter)