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The Evidence I assembled for my EEOC Hearing


  1. -On 26 January 2009, I filed a complaint with EEOC (which described the unlawful discrimination and retaliation being perpetrated against me by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Alaska

  1. -I was the first of three women research scientists working for the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Alaska to file with EEOC

       -  My complaint:  EEOC # 551-2009-00074x (USDA# ARS-2008-00696)

       -  The 2nd woman’s complaint: EEOC # 551-2009-00076x  (USDA# ARS-2008-00542)

       -  The 3rd woman’s complaint:  EEOC # 551-2009-00078x (USDA# ARS-2008-00647)

  1. -As a federal worker, I waited 225 days to become eligible to file with EEOC

        - A minimum of 30 days of waiting is required for the Informal EEO process

        - An additional 180 days of waiting is required for the Formal EEO process

  1. -I waited 571 more days for an EEOC Hearing, (but Judge Gaffin never scheduled one)


  225 + 571 = 796 days

      To put that in perspective for people who lack empathy and/or EEOC experience:


        I endured continued harassment, discrimination, and escalating

        retaliation from my ARS supervisor (and other USDA personnel)

        for  796  excruciating days after filing an EEO complaint.

  1. -I was forced to quit my job with the ARS, (968 days after first providing the Agency

     with evidence of my supervisor’s unlawful activities against women)


The Evidence

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